Market reports

Forbes Sheep & Lamb Sale

Conducted Tuesday 15/01/2019

Yarded 23935 Sheep and Lambs which included 16175 Lambs. The quality of the lambs was again good and all weights of prime lambs  were well represented. Prices eased as expected with light and trade weight lambs $5 to $7 cheaper and heavies up to $10 cheaper compared to last week's sale.
There were 7760 grown sheep yarded and prices for most  grades dropped by $5 to $8 and up to $10 for heavy sheep compared to last week.

LIGHT LAMBS$110.00to$120.00
TRADE WEIGHT  LAMBS (to 23 Kilos)$118.00to$154.00
HEAVY  LAMBS (23-26 kilos)$155.00to$173.00
EXTRA HEAVY  LAMBS                                         $170.00to$213.00
HEAVY MERINO LAMBS$92.00to$122.00
MERINO WETHERS$92.00to$122.00
MERINO EWES$90.00to$136.00
CROSSBRED EWES$86.00to$127.00
LIGHT SHEEP$54.00to$80.00

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