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Forbes Sheep & Lamb Sale

Tuesday 31/03/2020

Yarded 8770 This was the smallest yarding at Forbes since 20/12/2016

Forbes agents yarded only 8770 including 6959 lambs. Quality was again good in the smallest offering since 16/12/2016 and prices lited under stronger competition. All grades  sold around $10 dearer compared to last week's sale.

There were 1811 grown sheep yarded and  competition was again strong. Sheep sold around firm compared to last week's sale.
Trade weight new season lambsto
Heavy new season lambsto
Light lambs$140.00

Trade lambs (up to 23kg)$150.00to$215.00
Heavy lambs (23-26kg)$190.00to$230.00
Extra heavy lambs (26kg+)$220.00to$255.00
Trade weight Merino lambs$144.00to$196.00
Merino wethers$150.00to$200.00
Merino ewes$132.00to$206.00
Crossbred ewes$200.00to$200.00
Light Sheep$104.00to$118.00

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